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Benesure has a long history of supporting a broad range of projects in the world-wide community – from Amnesty International to a ladies curling team with Olympic aspirations.  Our latest initiative involves Eta Colleges International in Africa.

It’s true that billions of aid dollars go into Africa every year and yet most Africans are getting poorer. It is our belief that any significant change in Africa has to come from within, through the influence of capable leaders who can bring about resource efficiencies as well as social justice; who can create institutions to maintain justice, good governance and a healthy economy.

Eta Colleges International is a registered charity set up to enable quality leadership education in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its primary goal is to fund the operation of schools for bright and gifted students. The charity provides staff, books, computers, classroom materials, teacher training and school buildings where needed, until each school can operate independently.

Why start with Cameroon?
In addition to it being a relatively stable country politically and having abundant food and generally healthy people, we also have a personal connection through John Eta, one of the charity’s founding members, who was born in Cameroon. Through this family connection we have a unique opportunity to inject dollars directly into the local community. We can monitor how money is spent and what progress is being made with the students and any construction work.
Eta College – Kumba, Cameroon
Only bright and gifted students with the capacity to proceed to a higher institute of learning upon graduating are selected to attend Eta College – Kumba. It is our belief that these students will have the largest impact on their society. With small classroom sizes and advanced teacher training Eta College – Kumba is already proving itself to be a premiere school in Cameroon. Two students from the first group of 5 to write O-level exams for their General Certificate of Education stood in the top fifteen in the entire country. Prior to this, a top 15 ranking had never been achieved by any student from Kumba. Our goal is to have 100% of Eta College students achieve these results.
Raise The Roof Campaign
Benesure has funded the first 2 phases of construction of the school building which will eventually house 300 students. An additional 2 floors are still required to complete the design.
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