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“It's best to do one thing...
really, really well.“
                     "What we believe", Google Corporate Philosophy

In 1989, Benesure's founding CEO John Lorriman started a small, highly-specialized consulting firm called Lorriman & Long Management Inc., better known as L&L.  His firm did one thing:  help lenders increase their bottom line and enhance customer relationships with insurance products.  

In the early 1990s, the Canadian mortgage market started to change radically.  Mortgage brokers — and lenders devoted to serving their needs — increased their market share by leaps and bounds.  These new players were energetic and aggressive but lean, presenting L&L with the opportunity to become a dominant force in this new niche.

It wasn’t long before the vast majority of all mortgage protection bought in the Canadian mortgage broker and lender channel was provided by a plan that was administered by L&L.  This was the genesis of both Mortgage Protection Plan and Credit Security Plan.

As our business in administering those Plans grew, we focussed on enhancing our in-house expertise, building state-of-the-art systems for customer care and insurance plan management. As part of this development process, L&L became Benesure Canada Inc.

Today, we are a member of the Manulife Financial Group of Companies where, together with the underwriter, The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and the licensed Agency, Credit Security Insurance Agency Inc., we represent the leading Creditor Insurance program in the country, designed specifically for mortgage brokers and lenders.



This totem pole, which is proudly displayed in our reception area, was custom-designed for L&L as a physical reflection of our entrepreneurial spirit and quest for future growth.

The Insurer is
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company

Mortgage Protection Plan® and Credit Security Plan are underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and administered by Benesure Canada Inc. Credit Security Insurance Agency Inc.(“CSIA”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manulife Financial, and its appointed agents, provide insurance sales services. In this site, the terms "we", "us", and "our" refer to Benesure Canada Inc. ®Registered trademark of Benesure Canada Inc. Manulife, Manulife Financial, the Manulife Financial For Your Future logo and the Block Design are trademarks of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and are used by it, and by its affiliates under license.