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Everything we do at Benesure Canada Inc. stems from our core values.  They are, necessarily, the key motivation behind all our actions and decisions and provide a common benchmark by which everyone is measured.

Do the Right Thing

In any complex matter there is always more than one "right thing."  Excellence is measured by our ability to choose the "most right" thing.  However, when someone genuinely quests for what is right, there is no wrong choice.  

The ultimate `right` thing is to increase the long term value of Benesure, and we recognize that, to achieve this goal, you often make choices that will reduce short-term profits.

ÜFocus on Value
ÜA Benesure employee's compensation and influence are a function of value created, not of a title or role within a hierarchical structure.
Build New Value Everyday
You can't build value without embracing change.  To that end,Ü each year Benesure dedicates 25% of all of its spending to research & development.  We reward and recognize the creative, entrepreneurial spirit that leads to significant improvements in our processes, and services.
ÜHave Fun
We strive for the quality of work-life at Benesure Canada Inc. to be second to none.  We were pioneers in "telecommuting" (before there even was such a word) and always support employees in their professional development goals and in maintaining a healthy balance between work and home.